[size=13pt]The Week in Quotes: Draft Edition[/size]

Compiled by Alex Carnevale

Just something from around and about the draft. There are some funny ones in there if you want to spend a little time to read through it. I'll give you two from Gruden to start on:

“Brad Johnson was a ninth-round pick, they don’t even have the ninth round anymore. The draft is for organization, the draft has become one of the big money makers in pro football. It lasted 12 hours, I think, the first round. There’s a commercial, I think next year they’re going to give us an hour to pick in each round. They have an analyst in every locker room. It’s really something.”

–Bucs head coach Jon Gruden

“We were rumored to trade all our draft picks up to take an offensive player and we picked a defensive player in each round. That’s what some of the analysts have to explain today, just like I had to explain why I went 4-12 last year.”