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    Week 7 Power Poll

    Current Team Previous
    1 New England Patriots 1
    The beat goes on. But they will be tested this week at Pittsburgh.
    2 Philadelphia Eagles 2
    They faced a test for once and they passed. That's something they will need as they move on this season, but it also puts into question how good they really are.
    3 Minnesota Vikings 4
    Even when they aren't rolling up huge offensive numbers, they find a way. They are getting better on defense.
    4 Pittsburgh Steelers 7
    Coming off their bye week, they get their chance to end the Patriots' streak. The defense has to play better.
    5 Jacksonville Jaguars 12
    Is it time to think this team is for real? It's about the offense now for this group.
    6 Indianapolis Colts 3
    That's a stinging loss to the Jaguars, and now they face a tough road game at Kansas City.
    7 New York Jets 5
    That was a good showing in New England, but not quite enough. Still, there's a playoff look to this team.
    8 Denver Broncos 6
    That wasn't too good Monday night against the Bengals. Luckily, they play in a soft division.
    9 Baltimore Ravens 13
    Even without any semblance of a passing game, they're winning games. They'll need one Sunday at Philly.
    10 Detroit Lions 14
    Three-and-oh on the road. Wow. Steve Mariucci is doing a heck of a job with this young group.
    11 New York Giants 8
    They didn't play all that well coming off the bye, but maybe this team simply exceeded expectations in the first six weeks.
    12 Atlanta Falcons 9
    Was that start a mirage? Or can this team get back to playing good football again?
    13 Houston Texans 15
    Coming out of the bye they have a huge game Sunday against the Jaguars.
    14 St. Louis Rams 10
    Losing to Miami should never happen. This team isn't the same as the Rams teams we have come to know the past five years.
    15 Seattle Seahawks 11
    Three consecutive losses has Seattle searching for answers. Were they really as good as their start?
    16 San Diego Chargers 19
    This team is the surprise of the season so far. Coach Marty Schottenheimer deserves tons of credit.
    17 Green Bay Packers 18
    They appear to have righted the ship, getting the offense back on track and at least playing a little better on defense.
    18 Tennessee Titans 17
    This season is going south quickly. If Steve McNair is out for a week or so, it's really going to go bad.
    19 Kansas City Chiefs 22
    That's what we expected from the Chiefs this year, a powerful offense that can't be stopped. They're still kicking.
    20 New Orleans Saints 24
    For all the talk of them being dead, they're only two games out of first place heading into a much-needed bye.
    21 Dallas Cowboys 16
    In three weeks, they have gone from playoff hopefuls to also-rans. This is a season that will test Bill Parcells.
    22 Cleveland Browns 20
    That was a good effort against the Eagles, but playing close matters little in the standings.
    23 Washington Redskins 26
    Maybe they found an offense during the bye week. It's unlikely. Here's hoping Joe Gibbs got some rest.
    24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30
    Don't count this group out yet. In the NFC South, a weak division, anything is possible.
    25 Cincinnati Bengals 25
    Now that's what we thought we would get from this Bengals team -- a young, energetic effort each week. That was an impressive Monday night victory.
    26 Arizona Cardinals 29
    Dennis Green has the makings of a nice team out West. They have some good, young defensive players.
    27 Miami Dolphins 32
    They're moving on up. Well, a couple of spots anyway. That was a nice game against the Rams.
    28 Carolina Panthers 21
    Too many injuries have crippled this team, which wasn't nearly as good as everyone thought even when it was healthy.
    29 Oakland Raiders 23
    Done. Over. Finished. This team doesn't have the want to turn this season around.
    30 Chicago Bears 27
    Yecch. That's some bad quarterbacking we're seeing from the Bears.
    31 San Francisco 49ers 28
    We knew this would be a rebuilding year, so coming off the bye week, it will be interesting to see how this young team reacts.
    32 Buffalo Bills 31
    That offense is horrific. Drew Bledsoe can't get it done anymore and they are going nowhere.

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    Week 7 Power Poll

    Hopefully the Patsies and the Iggles lose this week (both pulled it out of their A$$es last week)...then the Vikes will be Number 1!

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    Week 7 Power Poll

    I think the jags and colts should be rated higher then the steelers.

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    Week 7 Power Poll

    Maybe the Colts higher than the steelers but I wouldn't say the jags. The steelers are just one of those teams that somehow win (at least this year). I don't know how they are pulling this off! I think Mr. Roethlisberger will be given some rookie hazing by the patsies this week and knock them back down to Earth!

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