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    Week 4 primer: Battle of the unbeatens

    Week 4 primer: Battle of the unbeatens

    heres the parts you'll care about

    Seattle at Chicago. There are many things going right for the Bears with their 3-0 start. Rex Grossman and Bernard Berrian have pumped life into their passing game. Their front seven continues to be stingy, led by strong front-four pressure and rangy playmaking linebackers. The two things that aren't as good -- their running game and cornerbacks -- are what cost them this week, however.

    But wait: Now that MVP Shaun Alexander is out, the Seahawks can't win a game, right? Well, they didn't get to the Super Bowl because of one player.

    Offensively, expect them to compensate for his absence with the spread offense that worked so well last week, with Matt Hasselbeck hitting Darrell Jackson, Deion Branch, Nate Burleson and former Bear Bobby Engram. Bears cornerbacks Charles Tillman and Nathan Vasher can be burned in single coverage, and Branch is a mismatch for any nickel back, which also means Chicago often will need to go with one fewer linebacker.

    As for Alexander's backup, Maurice Morris, there will be tough sledding against Brian Urlacher, so it's back to Hasselbeck to be efficient downfield, with the occasional screens to Morris to compensate for a limited running game. In all these plans, the best offensive lineman on the planet, left tackle Walter Jones will play a key role in allowing Hasselbeck time to pick apart the Bears' secondary.

    Their defenders also may form most underrated elite unit, ever. They get after the passer. The linebackers are excellent. They force key takeaways. They're tough and tackle well. Lofa Tatupu will lead the charge against the run in the middle and help make Grossman and the Bears into a passing team again, which will play right into the hands of 'Hawks' ballhawks. Seahawks 17, Bears 14.

    Minnesota over Buffalo. The Vikings were so close to coming through for me in this category last week, so why not go with them again? Get used to them being in three-point games like they have been in the first three weeks -- their conservative run-heavy offense isn't built to pull away from teams, and their defense is good enough to limit opponents to a similar output. There will be much riding on Ryan Longwell's leg this season.

    The Bills have a similarly named kicker in Rian Lindell, and are moving the ball better than expected with the running of Willis McGahee opening up good opportunities for J.P. Losman. They are on their way to being one of those sneaky .500 teams in Dick Jauron's first season with them. I just like what Brad Childress has going for his team a bit better, and running back Chester Taylor will be a big part of that again this week. Vikings 20, Bills 17.

    "We’ll win our own Super Bowl, with our own players. Real Vikings. Something Brett Favre can never be."

    - Dan Calabrese

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    Re: Week 4 primer: Battle of the unbeatens

    Even without Alexander I expect the Chickers to capitalize on the tape provided by the Vikes/Bears game.
    The Bears get a lucky break playing the Chickens at home without Alexander....but they will have to dig deeper for excuses when they lose.
    I like that the Bears have the facade of being good and are being recognized by the media renews my hatred for the team.

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    Re: Week 4 primer: Battle of the unbeatens

    the seahawks should win this one and the bears will no longer be undefeated and whats is even better, being beat on thier own ground, if they watch the tape of the game when we played the bears, they will see how to beat them as in reality we should of and could of beaten them if we would of held on to the ball and some bogus calls against us, but thats football and our turn will come again, but seahawks will win..seahawks 24..bears 17

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