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    Re: Volatile Moss rips Vikings, Shell

    Amen PurpleRide. Randy Moss was a superstar here and did not deserve to be dumped off to Oakland. They didn't trade him because he wasn't performing well, he was traded due to Red McCombs' greed. Moss had the audacity to say that the Vikings didn't care about winning - they just wanted to get by on one of the lowest payrolls in the league. HE WAS RIGHT!!!

    It was only after they traded Moss that the Vikings started signing free agents. Some worked out, some did not but at least they are TRYING to win now. That's a big difference. Another reason why they traded Moss was because they wanted to make this "Daunte's team" They said they wanted Daunte to be the leader and they couldn't with Moss around. Yeah - that lasted ONE YEAR then they dumped Culpepper too.

    I do not think Moss will ever be the same player he was before he injured his hamstring, and you can say whatever you want about him but he got the job done when he was here and he was one of the most exciting players in Vikings history. Randy Moss is an outstanding football player and does not deserve to be treated the way Vikings management (the old one) treated him.


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    Re: Volatile Moss rips Vikings, Shell

    I love Moss as a player and a person. But dang, shutty already!! The Vikes did you wrong, get over it!
    You are making money, hand over fist, so stop crying and play ball.

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    Re: Volatile Moss rips Vikings, Shell

    Whatever, for me Moss is still the best, his only problem is he is always honest and our society cannot appreciate honesty.

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    Re: Volatile Moss rips Vikings, Shell

    R.m was another of those "gambles"
    he had off field issues in college, some substance probs, and a chip on his shoulder to prove to everyone that passed him in the draft that he was the star he claimed 2 be.

    that's the moss i will remember.

    I was in duluth during the first preseason game he was in.. from that moment on he was always the headache of every D coach, Saftey, and D player in the league.
    He had great people around him in C.c (another substance issue'd player) and several very good qb's.

    i can still picture his hand raising up just as he realized that he was in 1-1 coverage.. and u knew.. it was goin long!!!

    well those days are done and we have to move on just as he has to. but we can say..

    thanx randy for the years u wow'd a league!!


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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    Re: Volatile Moss rips Vikings, Shell

    "Ltrey33" wrote:
    "From an organization standpoint, I had no care, no feelings, nothing for the Vikings organization. What they did is what they did," he said after his first game against the Vikings since being traded. "When the trade went down, there was a lot of smoke and air that couldn't be cleared up right away. There were a lot of people shying away from questions and answers. One thing I didn't have was an answer of why it happened. I kept asking why it happened, but I never got an answer."
    And that ladies and gentlemen is the #1 reason why he DESERVED to be traded and why he shouldn't ever come back. He didn't care about the team, the fans, the city or the organization. He cared about HIMSELF.
    I think you missed a very significant point about that comment...Randy was describing his feelings AFTER he was traded.
    Prior to the trade, he was all about the team.
    Sure, people will bring up the Washington game and the infamous "Walk-out", but that was randy finally being fed up with Red "Colon Cannon" McCombs' talking about winning, but not putting talent on the field.

    I don't blame Randy one bit.
    In fact, I'd be thrilled to get him back...even though it will never happen.

    Someone else said that he was/is one dimensional.
    My response is, "And?".
    He is soooo good at the one dimension that NO ONE can take him out of a game except injury.
    There isn't a DB in the league who can stop him.
    Heck, there isn't a pair of DB's in the league who can.
    He's the kind of receiver who can completely and utterly destroy a defense...just by being on the field.
    Anyone who disagrees hasn't been watching Viking football for the past 8 years.

    Terrell Owens - maybe the most "complete" receiver in the League has played two more years than Randy, yet he has - in 17 more games -
    only 82 more catches, 388 more yards, and THREE more TD's.

    Seems to me that just being "Randy Moss", he's pretty darn complete.


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