John Madden, 71, Finally Succumbs To Madden Curse With Massive Heart Attack

Hall of Fame NFL coach and broadcaster John Madden became the latest victim of the infamous Madden Curse this morning, dropping dead from a massive heart attack at the age of 71. The sad news comes just one day after it was reported Titans quarterback Vince Young would be on the cover of the Madden 2008 video game.

“We all have been worried for years that John was going to eventually have his number come up,” said EA Sports president Dave Budd. “So many players who have graced the cover of his game suffered injuries or poor seasons, but we hoped that John was somehow immune, even though he was on the cover of the first few editions of the game back in the ‘90s. Unfortunately it turns out he would be the most tragic victim of the curse – most likely because he’s been on the most covers.”

Al Michaels, Madden’s NBC broadcast partner, says he is saddened – but not surprised – by the news.

“I guess everyone is pinning the blame on the video game thing, but I don’t know,” said Michaels. “This was a fat, pig of a man who was in his 70s, ate an all-meat diet and was clearly well into full-blown senility, God rest his soul. I’m surprised he lived this long, to tell you the truth. And, again, not because of the supposed Madden jinx thing. I mean, really, I don’t think the guy even knew how to turn on a video game. Or even knew what a video game was. I once saw him at an event where people were playing his game. He thought it was a real game and even tried to get an interview with Michael Vick but cracked his head off of the TV screen.”

Vince Young says he hopes Madden’s death will keep him from suffering a poor or injury-plagued season.

“My thinking is that this puts an end to all of the bad Madden karma for the year,” said Young. “Nothing against the guy, but I’d prefer him dying to me getting hurt. Although I’m disappointed he never called one of my games. It would have been cool to hear him try to describe my throwing motion with his limited vocabulary.”