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    Re: Vikings' Cap Room = Instant Team Status Upgrade

    We have to spend money to make money!!! (or do good in the offseason)!!

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    Re: Vikings' Cap Room = Instant Team Status Upgrade

    [size=18px]Big Cap Room Doesn’t Equal Frivolous Spending [/size]

    Date: Mar 4, 2006

    The Vikings have an estimated $24 million under the salary cap, but they still plan to be wise with the way they use all that room.

    Ready, set ...

    The Vikings were one of the few NFL teams in excellent salary-cap shape as the free agency period approached, sitting a league-best $24 million under the expected $95 million cap. (That figure could go higher if a new labor agreement is reached.)

    As such, the Vikings are in an ideal position to call the shots, with their new “Triangle of Authority” making decisions.

    That trio, which includes coach Brad Childress, vice president of player personnel Fran Foley and vice president of football operations Rob Brzezinski, already showed what an advantage it is to have money when they decided to place the lowest qualifying offer possible on receiver Nate Burleson.

    Burleson, 24, entered the 2005 season as the Vikings’ No. 1 receiver, but a variety of injuries limited him to 30 receptions and one touchdown. As a result, Burleson received a tender that is worth $712,000 and would give the Vikings a draft pick equal to the round in which he was selected (third) if he goes elsewhere.

    The Vikings would have seven days to match any offer Burleson receives; if Burleson bolts, the Vikings are in position to dip into free agency to find another receiver.

    Meanwhile, the Vikings continue to negotiate with the agent for receiver Koren Robinson, who is an unrestricted free agent in designation only. When the Vikings took a chance on Robinson last summer - a move that paid off big - a clause was placed in his contract enabling the team to match any offer he received.

    Despite all the cap room, and a willingness by owner Zygi Wilf to spend that money, don’t expect the Vikings to go on a wild spending spree just for the sake of it.

    “A lot of people have a tendency to overspend in free agency,” Foley said. “We’re going to get, hopefully, a chance to attract some individuals to visit us and maybe to sign with us. But we’re not going to jeopardize overpaying for players that will later put us in a financial situation that we can’t get out of later.”


    The Vikings are looking at restructuring the contracts of offensive linemen Matt Birk, Chris Liwienski and Mike Rosenthal. Birk’s agent, Joe Linta, has made it clear on several occasions that his client won’t accept a pay cut after sitting out last season following surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left hip. “We are listening to some trade-off proposals where Matt gets something and they get something,” said Linta, who added the Vikings are concerned about Birk’s hip.

    The Vikings have set the dates for their first two minicamps under new coach Brad Childress. A veterans camp will be held April 7-9, three weeks before the NFL draft. A second will be held May 12-14.

    Rumors continue to swirl that the Vikings are shopping injured quarterback Daunte Culpepper. Owner Zygi Wilf, however, has said he plans to pay Culpepper a $6 million roster bonus he is due on March 17.

    One free agent the Vikings have their eye on is veteran Saints offensive lineman LeCharles Bentley. Bentley could start at guard but would be able to move to center if Birk’s hip causes him problems. Reports, however, indicate that Philadelphia is Bentley’s first choice.

    The Vikings signed guard Adam Goldberg to an exclusive-rights tender for a third-year player.

    QUOTE TO NOTE: “You have to understand something. Right now is the Combine, everything is very sensitive, everything is very important that we keep that low-key. ... Being a first-year owner, I realize it’s very important to keep things during the Combine and draft close to the vest. It’s a matter of gamesmanship in terms of how you approach the draft, how you approach free agency and how you approach your own players.” - Vikings owner Zygi Wilf on not revealing too much information.


    TRANSITION PLAYER: CB Brian Williams.

    UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS: RB Michael Bennett; CB Ralph Brown; S Corey Chavous; LB Sam Cowart; PK Paul Edinger; OG Toniu Fonoti; C Melvin Fowler; QB Shaun Hill; DE Lance Johnstone; LB Keith Newman; S Willie Offord; WR Koren Robinson; LB Raonall Smith; RB Moe Williams; C Cory Withrow.



    PLAYERS ACQUIRED: G/C Jason Whittle, CB Ronyell Whitaker, FB Joey Goodspeed.

    Big Cap Room Doesn’t Equal Frivolous Spending

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Vikings' Cap Room = Instant Team Status Upgrade

    They shouldn't spend it just to spend it, but there are certainly free agents out there that are worth it and can improve our team. If they don't sign them, they're fools!

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    Re: Vikings' Cap Room = Instant Team Status Upgrade

    i believe we have to sign mckinnie and kwill next year, so we definitely need to save some for that. and if we spend all of it now, were going to be in cap hell later.

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    Re: Vikings' Cap Room = Instant Team Status Upgrade

    Posted on Sun, Mar. 05, 2006

    [size=18px]Minnesota could be big free-agent spenders[/size]

    NFL: Vikings have a favorable salary cap position this offseason and might land some top players.


    The Minnesota Vikings haven't won any regular-season titles in a while. But once again they are the undisputed offseason champions, with an NFL-high $24 million in salary cap space.

    With the blessing of owner Zygi Wilf to build a Super Bowl contender, Minnesota is poised to be a major player in free agency, especially with roughly half the teams in the league struggling to get under the salary cap.

    The influence of Rob Brzezinski, the Vikings' vice president of football operations, appears as strong as ever. With the exception of cornerbacks Antoine Winfield and Fred Smoot, Minnesota has been leery of investing too heavily in players from other teams and engaging in bidding wars with other clubs.

    The Vikings also generally avoid the most high-profile free agents.
    This year could be an exception.

    Minnesota could land some superstar players in their primes at discounted salaries because so many teams are up against the 2006 salary cap.

    Here's a look at the Vikings' needs and some top prospects, in order of importance.

    Minnesota was high on Maurice Morris, Shaun Alexander's backup in Seattle, early last week. But with little progress made toward ratification of the collective bargaining agreement, the Vikings realized they could get much more for much less.

    The plum they could be eyeing: four-time Pro Bowl running back Edgerrin James.

    With a glut of talented rookies and veterans, James might not get the blockbuster contract he covets. But here's an X-factor: Brzezinski and agent Drew Rosenhaus have done several deals and have respect for each other, based partly on their Miami ties.

    James is unlikely to agree to a multiyear deal if he isn't satisfied with the signing bonus, so he might be inclined to audition for one year with Minnesota.

    Baltimore's Chester Taylor also would be a good fit. But the Ravens are aggressively trying to re-sign him, and the Seahawks are taking the same approach with Alexander.

    The Vikings realize this is the weakest position on their roster, and they are aggressively addressing it. The buzz around the NFL is that Minnesota has already agreed in principle on a multiyear deal with outside linebacker Ben Leber, who played the past four seasons for the San Diego Chargers.

    Leber could land a $7 million signing bonus and a contract that averages $4 million a year, a high figure for a player with 212 career tackles.
    But Leber is big (6 feet 3, 244 pounds) and athletic, and Fran Foley, the Vikings' vice president of player personnel, knows him well from their days with the Chargers.

    Leber, however, might not be Minnesota's last foray into free agency at linebacker. While the Vikings would like to add a veteran to the middle, the current crop of players is modest, headed by three veterans (Sam Cowart, Derek Smith and restricted free agent Matt Wilhelm) who aren't known for their range and speed.

    Two cover two middle linebackers available are Rob Morris and Rocky Calmus, former teammates with the Indianapolis Colts.

    So far, Minnesota hasn't been very proactive in trying to re-sign Paul Edinger. Perhaps that's because the market for veteran kickers is so deep. The marquee names are Adam Vinatieri and Mike Vanderjagt. More reasonably priced options might be longtime Green Bay Packers kicker Ryan Longwell or Matt Bryant, a Buccaneer last season.

    Although the Vikings re-signed Willie Offord, they can't bank on him to start opposite Darren Sharper next season. Offord is coming off major knee surgery and has shown only flashes in his four NFL seasons.

    Signing a proven veteran at a modest salary to compete with Offord would appear to make sense. Players who could interest Minnesota are Lawyer Milloy, Marlon McCree, Lance Schulters, Tank Williams and Ifeanyi Ohalete.

    Rumors persist that quarterback Daunte Culpepper is being shopped, which means Minnesota could be in the market for a quarterback. Drew Brees in the class of the field, and he too has ties to Foley. But, just like Culpepper, Brees is coming off a serious injury. Other than Brees, anyone else would walk into Winter Park as Brad Johnson's backup.

    Last year, the Vikings made a run at Packers defensive end Aaron Kampman. But they haven't shown any interest this year, apparently confident with their defensive line depth. But at the right price, Minnesota gladly would upgrade at any position, especially if receiver Koren Robinson isn't re-signed.

    The collective bargaining agreement could determine the Vikings' success in free agency. Without an extension, Minnesota would be one of about a dozen teams with plenty of salary cap space, which is needed to sign top-tier players. Signing bonuses can be spread only over four years, which means the cap impact will be immediate for clubs.

    Without a CBA deal, today could become Bloody Sunday, with teams scrambling to get below the $94.5 million salary cap by purging their roster of proven players. With the ultimate buyer's market, the Vikings could be very selective about whom to sign and even land stars to one-year deals as they prepare for 2007, when there would be no salary cap.

    Minnesota could be big free-agent spenders
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    This thread should be moved to the "offseason" forum where it belongs & out of the "General NFL" forum.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Vikings' Cap Room = Instant Team Status Upgrade

    The Vikings realize this is the weakest position on their roster, and they are aggressively addressing it.
    We need more speed in the linebacker area & really need to improve our offensive line with at least another big name starter.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Vikings' Cap Room = Instant Team Status Upgrade

    ahem coughcough ray lewis.

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