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    Vikes put off by QB signals

    [size=18px]Vikes put off by QB signals[/size]

    Culpepper's choices concerned Childress.

    Published March 30, 2006
    Ethan J. Skolnick

    Orlando · Why did Brad Childress think Minnesota would be an ideal place to start his head-coaching career?

    There was the team's 9-7 record in spite of distractions. Quality cornerbacks. A talented defensive line. A "good-looking crew" of receivers.

    "And at the time, I thought I had a franchise quarterback," he said. "That's why, as I said, I thought it was a plum job."

    He thought he'd be coaching Daunte Culpepper.

    So it was appropriate that Childress was in Central Florida for Wednesday's NFC coaches' breakfast. This is where Culpepper passed his way into the Vikings' 1999 first-round plans. This is also where Culpepper insisted on rehabilitating his knee this offseason, an insistence that helped convince Childress that the "franchise quarterback" he came to Minnesota to coach was not the right one to lead his franchise.

    We understand why the Dolphins, desperate for a quarterback, wanted the three-time Pro Bowl selection . Yet after hearing Childress' version of his interaction with Culpepper, we can better understand why the Vikings wanted a fresh start.

    Dolphins fans should hope Culpepper appreciates his chance to show that the situation, not his attitude, was the problem. He got what he desired: his money, out of Minnesota, back to Florida. Now, he gets to prove he meant what he said on ESPN about making career "halftime adjustments." He can only prove that by the way he works, learns and leads.

    Simply, skeptics in Minnesota, and league circles, abound.

    Any local concern about the Dolphins' end of the deal has focused on the health of Culpepper's surgically repaired knee, and 2005's dramatic statistical regression. Prurient national attention has focused on his role in the Vikings' "Love Boat" incident. And, of course, there was a contract squabble.

    Yet Childress made it clear that he focused on other issues, related to commitment, leadership and maturity, issues he felt reared themselves during the dispute over rehabilitation.

    Childress, who wanted Culpepper working out in Minneapolis, sent trainer Eric Sugarman to Ocoee to monitor progress at the quarterback's chosen HealthSouth facility.

    "And I'm thinking, `Jeez, what do they have in there?'"

    He learned the facility had a "stepmaster and some rubber bands." Sugarman reported Culpepper's knee was coming along well, but painted a disturbing picture of what occurred after being invited to observe Culpepper's movement outside.

    "So you can understand where I'm coming from, there's the HealthSouth, the Chinese restaurant, the laundromat, here's the alley, out the backdoor and into the Wal-Mart parking lot," Childress said. "I'm like, `What's wrong with this picture?' Are you with me? I'm going, `Come on now. Is he better served here in the field house or the Wal-Mart parking lot?'"

    The coach told the player he was doing himself a disservice. According to Childress, Culpepper replied: "I'm good, that's where I'm doing it."

    A simple difference of opinion? Perhaps. Still, it troubled Childress, after dealing with Terrell Owens as the Eagles' offensive coordinator, that someone as influential as the franchise quarterback would not be in Minnesota, immersing himself with the "55 other guys" and in the new system.

    "That would be my expectation, yes," Childress said.

    Had Culpepper come to expect special standards? A source said that under former coach Mike Tice, Culpepper slept on a different hotel floor than teammates on road trips, had no curfew and didn't have to stay at the team's dormitory during training camp.

    ESPN analyst Joe Theismann, after hearing Childress' explanation, said he understood the Vikings' decision, because an unhappy quarterback undermines everything else. Theismann believes now that Culpepper is happy, all will be well for the Dolphins if his knee is.

    Culpepper has a character witness in Rams coach Scott Linehan, the former Dolphins offensive coordinator who endorsed his former pupil to Nick Saban. Linehan pointed to Culpepper's weight loss and reports of great conditioning as signs he's "working on it."

    "You will not find a stronger-willed person who has more pride than him," Linehan said. "This will be his biggest challenge he's faced at this point in his life."

    Whatever the score might be at Culpepper's "halftime," he needs to come out leading.

    Ethan J. Skolnick can be reached at [email protected]

    Vikes put off by QB signals

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    Re: Vikes put off by QB signals

    We had to deal him, like Joe said (and I hate to admit it) you cannot have the leader of the TEAM marching around to the beat of his own drum because he will lead you nowhere but in circles. We are better off by MOVING ON without him.
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    Re: Vikes put off by QB signals

    Wow, interesting facts there. Certainly puts a different spin on the whole relationship between Childress and Culpepper. This should at least show the Daunte-lovers that it wasn't all the Vikes organization (and I believe it was barely them at all).

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    Re: Vikes put off by QB signals

    man.. if some of those things are true.. my opinion has drastically cahnged of CPEP.. i thought he just wanted to be elsewhere, so no big deal.. go be happy..

    but the article mad it seem like was kind of a prick to the team (hotel floor and what not)..

    hmm.. thats interesting
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    Re: Vikes put off by QB signals

    I like Pep and will always like him. However, I also always questioned hi maturity level and his leadership abilities. I was one of the first ones here that said they should entertain trades for him. Don't get me wrong. Like I said I will always like Pep. I think he is a tremendous athlete with potential as high as the sky. But there are somethings that you have to be as a QB in this league. A leader....Dependable...and a role model. I did think Pep was a good role model until this off-season. I don't think he was great at coming from behind and he never learned ball control.

    I think I started a new Pep thread. I'm sorry if I did that but these are my feelings on Pep. The way I look at it is: 1 - being from South Florida I like the Dolphins as a 2nd team. I always have even living in NJ as a kid. In that aspect I hope he does well. 2 - I want the trade to be worth it for the Vikings therefore if he doesn't recover well I'll look at it as the right move for the Vikings. Either way, I think it was a good move simply due to the fact he didn't want to play in MN anymore.

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    Re: Vikes put off by QB signals

    Interesting take on the situation, if it was true, its definately the right move. Childress is our coach for a while hopefully, we need to get him players he can work with, and can trust, especially in key positions. If Culpepper was really challenging the coach, it was the right thing to do. I just hope we can find ourselves a franchise QB soon.

    Thanks to PPE for the awesome Sig.

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    Re: Vikes put off by QB signals

    I'm not going to diss Pep...but it was time for a change...hopefully, both sides will benefit...the Vikings just a little bit more...OK, a lot more...a few Super Bowls more!!! :grin:

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    Re: Vikes put off by QB signals

    interesting twist .

    funny how the computer was never opened (that contained the play book), now this. seems some 1 was going out of their way to force some 1's hand.

    real punishment would have been to sit him then trade when healthy. and why honor the non-required roster bonus. as far as i'm concerned (if these stories are true) he didn't deserve it.

    daunte obivously forced the vikings to trade or cut him, seems the vikings did what they could the keep him happy. he just wanted to make the drama unfold like he didn't instigate it.

    brad c. has now went on record as to publicly document the nonsence , all daunte said was he wasn't sure how the vikings felt. let him defend the him self for every one to hear , before i change my mind. (but i'm sure some ppo vets may make some great points).

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    Re: Vikes put off by QB signals

    Some of what was in the earlier article and more from the local slant...

    [size=18px]Vikings coach chides Culpepper's rehab choices[/size]

    Kevin Seifert, Star Tribune

    ORLANDO - Brad Childress took another look back at the Vikings quarterback situation Wednesday before turning his gaze forward. Speaking on the final day of the NFL annual meetings, Childress said Daunte Culpepper did himself a "disservice" by rehabilitating his right knee in a subpar facility.

    Concern about Culpepper's workout program played a role in the Vikings' decision to trade him March 15. His departure left the Vikings committed to finding their quarterback of the future by the end of next month.

    But while Childress reiterated the team almost certainly will draft a quarterback next month, its target might be a lesser-known player rather than one of the generally accepted blue-chip quarterbacks who will be drafted in the top half of the first round.

    "I know there are the preeminent guys that are there," Childress said of USC's Matt Leinart, Texas' Vince Young and Vanderbilt's Jay Cutler.

    "But there are some names that are down the line as well. ... Regardless of who is starting this year, we want to take a developmental guy. I think it behooves you to have your eye on a guy that's got the skill set that you're looking for and try to get that up to speed ... a guy that you're serious about bringing along within the system."

    Alabama's Brodie Croyle, Clemson's Charlie White- hurst and Bowling Green's Omar Jacobs are among the second tier of available quarterbacks. They are projected as second- or third-round selections; the Vikings will have at least three picks in those rounds and possibly four if they decline to match Seattle's offer sheet for receiver Nate Burleson.

    Whomever the Vikings select, Childress said he has no intention to play him before the 2007 season. Brad Johnson, who turns 38 in September, is the Vikings' starter and Mike McMahon is expected to back him up. J.T. O'Sullivan currently is the No. 3 quarterback.

    "I would say you wouldn't want that [newcomer] on the field the first year," Childress said. "Maybe he would play in the preseason. You would have to say this: If we got that guy and he has to play in the first year, then things [have gone wrong]. That means some guys have gone down in a hurry."

    Plenty went wrong in Childress' introduction to Culpepper, including a previously unrevealed anecdote that called into question Culpepper's method for recovering from major surgery on his right knee.

    Childress sent athletic trainer Eric Sugarman to visit Culpepper last month, and the two met at a HealthSouth clinic near Orlando. According to Childress, the facility was small and its resources were vastly inferior to what the Vikings use at Winter Park.

    "You ask, 'Where is he rehabbing?' " Childress said. "He's rehabbing in a HealthSouth place in Orlando. ... I've spent some time in this state. ... I close my eyes. I'm seeing a Chinese restaurant, a HealthSouth place, a laundromat. Basically a strip mall that he's rehabbing himself at.

    "And I'm thinking, what did they have in there? They had a StepMaster and some other things. In other words, all the modalities we have in our training room, all the different things [he didn't have]. ... I just thought it would be better [to train in Minnesota]."

    After Sugarman examined the knee, Culpepper agreed to attempt some basic movement drills. According to Childress, Culpepper led Sugarman out of a back door ... and into the parking lot of a Wal-Mart.

    "So you can understand where I'm coming from," Childress said. "The Chinese restaurant, the laundromat, then he's in an alley, out the back door and into the Wal-Mart parking lot. I'm like, 'What's wrong with this picture?' ... This is our franchise quarterback. ... Is he better served here in the fieldhouse or in the Wal-Mart parking lot?

    "I told him, 'I think you're doing yourself a disservice. You can do better for yourself than that.

    "He said, 'I'm good, that's where I'm doing it.' "

    Culpepper, who is working out in the offseason program of his new team, the Miami Dolphins, was not available for comment.
    Kentucky Vikes Fan

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    Re: Vikes put off by QB signals

    daunte just didnt care about anything other than staying in florida..a "me first" type of player in every sense of the phrase
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