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    Vick and Manning highlight preseason schedule

    Vick and Manning highlight preseason schedule

    March 16, 2005
    NEW YORK (AP) -- Michael Vick and Peyton Manning will face off in Tokyo, and the Miami Dolphins will follow up Dan Marino's enshrinement in the Hall of Fame game during the first week of the NFL preseason.

    Each of the 11 nationally televised preseason games will feature a playoff team from last season, according to the schedule released Wednesday.

    Atlanta and Indianapolis will kick off the preseason at the American Bowl in Japan on ESPN2, a game the NFL scheduled last December. The NFL's American Bowl series of international games began in 1986 in response to growing interest in American football around the world. Since then, 39 games have been played in 12 cities outside the United States.


    The NFL also announced last week that the Dolphins will take on the Chicago Bears in Canton on Aug. 8, a day after Marino enters the Hall of Fame. The game also will mark the coaching debut of Nick Saban in Miami.

    Marino was elected to the Hall of Fame on Feb. 5, along with Steve Young, Bennie Friedman and Fritz Pollard. He retired after the 1999 season with NFL bests of 4,967 completions, 8,358 passes, 61,361 yards and 420 touchdowns. His record of 48 TD passes in a season was recently broken by Manning.

    The Hall of Fame game will be played on a Monday night and be televised by ABC.

    Other nationally televised exhibition games are San Diego at Green Bay, Aug. 11 (ESPN); Philadelphia at Pittsburgh, Aug. 15 (ESPN); New Orleans at New England, Aug. 18 (FOX); Minnesota at the New York Jets, Aug. 19 (CBS); Dallas at Seattle, Aug. 22 (ABC); Atlanta at Jacksonville, Aug. 25 (ESPN); Pittsburgh at Washington, Aug. 26 (FOX); Indianapolis at Denver, Aug. 27 (CBS); and St. Louis at Detroit, Aug. 29 (ABC).


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    Vick and Manning highlight preseason schedule

    yeah vick and manning in the first half of the first quarter. very exciting!
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    Vick and Manning highlight preseason schedule

    At least I'll get to see the Vikes against the Jets, it makes preseason a little better when your favorite team is playing at least.

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