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    Re: Veruca Salt!!!!!!

    "DeathtoDenny" wrote:
    The Bears beating the Packers is about as impressive as, say, shooting fish in a barrel. The Packers are below the Browns, 49ers, Texans, and most top 25 college teams.
    To come in here and jock the Pack's supposed biggest rivals to ruffle feathers is pretty sad. [size=11pt]What kind of fan are you?[/size]
    Spouting a 10-6 record. I'd have to say a delusional fan

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Veruca Salt!!!!!!

    it is well documented that cheeseheads are blind faith farve fans..

    even if he throws 4 int's, and only 2 TD.. they will praise his quick release and his gunslinger ways.. even in the face of a 45 - 14 loss..

    ("WOW did u see that zip as he threw to donald duck... er driver for that TD!! Farve's back!!!")
    course what is said around the league outside of cheese land.

    "Another starless performance by G.B... 2 Td's and 4 Int's.. Farve has returned to his throw first read defence later tactic."

    so we gotta cut them a break.. i mean.. such devotion.. i just hope they remember the great saying.. "games are not won by faith alone.. u need to find some talent"


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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    Re: Veruca Salt!!!!!!

    bono, good to see you around again.
    The Packers are horrible this year, face it.
    Sure, the Bears have a middle-of-the-road to slightly better team, but the Packers helped them look like one of the best teams to ever suit up.
    The Lions had a nice outing yesterday, but to think the Packers will finish anywhere but last in the NFCN is wishful thinking....a good time for that since we're only in week 1.

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    Re: Veruca Salt!!!!!!

    I'm not going to hold my breath on your prediction Bono lol. Especially when you came up with all that from watching the Bears beat the snot out of a very crappy team that couldn't even manage a field goal.

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    Re: Veruca Salt!!!!!!

    "bono" wrote:
    The Chicago Bears are looking very NFC Championish to me after Sunday's "Veruca Salt" of a slaying of my boys.
    After this slaying, I predict a close to perfect season for the Bears (14-2).
    As far as my Packers go...well, it's clear that they CAN'T go 16-0. And after this killin', I think their emotions are a little too salty to bounce back quickly...I predict a 10-6 record (tied w/ the Lions...that's right, the Lions. (Heck, that defense held up pretty well against the defending NFC champs)).
    Note: Many of you recognize "Veruca Salt" as the name of the spoiled lass from the 1970s movie, Willy Wonka, who always "want[ed] it now!"... So, why am I using her name? Simple: I'm using it as an expression to describe the Bears' mentality in the green bay massacre...they were hungry...wanted to show off their much talked about skills, etc, etc. ...couldn't wait 'til next week against the Lions (in this case). So, whenever a feel a pro team/player lays the smack down in dramatic fashion, I will exclaim VERUCA SALT!!!!!
    You all should
    try it!!! I guarantee you'll be able to better deal w/ the Vikings' collapse on Monday night!

    Wow Bono I always thought you were at least a sane Packer fan but I have to reclassify you to a normal delusional Packer fan!

    10 - 6!
    you have lost all your marbles, they must have rolled out of your ears!

    And as for the Veruca Salt thing it just further shows that you have lost touch with reality and that you have been a Packer fan way to long!

    Bono denounce the Pack before all hope is lost for you!

    And at least have the sense not to come on here and post this drivel after the beating you took yesterday!

    PS. I think Favre will retire after this game or next week!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: Veruca Salt!!!!!!

    A have a vision:

    The spirits are saying something about a #12.
    It is getting clearer now.
    Yes, Aaron Rodgers will definately be getting alot of game experience this year!!

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    Re: Veruca Salt!!!!!!

    "digital420" wrote:
    from what i saw.. it's very possible Detroit and the pack will be tied..

    4 - 12 maybe 5 - 11..

    You think they're gonna be that good, huh? Gee, I was thinking more like 2-14!
    Kentucky Vikes Fan

    When you require nothing, you get nothing; when you expect nothing, you will find nothing; when you embrace nothing, all you will have is nothing.

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    Re: Veruca Salt!!!!!!

    I'm always open for fan's of the opposing team coming on and expressing their opinions.
    But you just lost all credibility here pal.
    I could have lived with you predicting 8-8 without actually laughing out loud at my desk here at work, although 8-8 would be a joke all in itself.
    I hope that you were joking and just trying to razz some people.
    However, hailing form the land of cheese has most likely warped your sense of reality, much like the rest of your pals that get their rocks off from burying their faces deep into Favre's jock.
    Why don't you come back and make some posts after the shrooms wear off.
    Like I said, I'm always intrested into what the competition has to say...let's just keep it realistic.

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    Re: Veruca Salt!!!!!!

    10-6?Ur ALMOST AS DELUSIONAL AS PETER KING! he thought the lions would go 10-6 too well guess what?they are off to a good start ay 0-1

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    Re: Veruca Salt!!!!!!

    "thevikingfan" wrote:
    10-6?Ur ALMOST AS DELUSIONAL AS PETER KING! he thought the lions would go 10-6 too well guess what?they are off to a good start ay 0-1
    Sure the Lions lost yesterday but they looked pretty darn good in the process.
    As much as I hate Peter King, I doubt he had predicted that the Lions would beat a team that nearly won the superbowl last year.
    One game really isn't enough to judge how well a team will do, but they certainly held their own against Seattle yesterday and I'm starting to think that they will do better than a lot of us (including myself) have given them credit for.
    Again though, I shouldn't be putting too much into one game.
    Lets see how they look after week four.

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