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    Unfair Franchise Tags Need to Go

    [size=12pt]Unfair Franchise Tags Need to Go[/size]
    Posted Feb 19th 2009 7:00 AM
    by Chris Burke
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: Unfair Franchise Tags Need to Go

    I guess I see no problem with the franchise tag. I know for the the free agents it may "limit" them in how much money they are actually going to make, but they are still gonna make so much money its ridiculous. Plus, if they were that hot of a commodity another team can still sign them if they are willing to give up their picks.

    This wouldn't be an issue if players just had some dang loyalty to the teams they play for!

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    Re: Unfair Franchise Tags Need to Go

    I can understand this guy's point of view, but c'mon, can he be any more biased to the player?
    How about taking an objective opinion and look at it from the Organization's side too?

    If a team drafts a player, develops him, makes him look like a star in their system, should the team not have first right of refusal when his contract comes up?
    Perfect example is one that he uses: Matt Cassel.
    Should the patriots, who have paid this guy to do nothing but take a few practice reps for 3 years, get nothing back from Cassel after putting him in a situation to shine?
    I tend to think the Organization deserves something from that.

    Does any truly believe that Cassel, since he posted back to back 400yd games, is better than Brady?
    Brady never threw for 400yards twice in a season.

    Then the second half of the authors arguement revolves around the salary cap.
    Yo, dummy! Its quite possible that this is the last year for the cap.
    Did you realize that?
    Apparently not. Or maybe, if he acknowledged that, he would have half his article.

    Is the Tag system perfect?
    No. Can it improved? Sure.
    But at least look at both sides of the coin here.

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    Re: Unfair Franchise Tags Need to Go

    I think the franchise tag is ok, however i dont like when you franchise players, year after year..

    But of course its in order to have the smaller market franchises having an option to keep their star player.


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