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    Two workers hurt in fall from Cowboys Stadium

    Two workers hurt in fall from roof area at Cowboys Stadium
    Posted: Thursday December 3, 2009 10:45AM; Updated: Thursday December 3, 2009 11:32AM

    ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) -- Two maintenance workers who were not wearing safety harnesses slipped and fell from the roof area of towering Cowboys Stadium on Thursday morning, and at least one suffered serious injuries, authorities said.

    The two were working on the top hatch of the retractable-roof venue around 7:20 a.m. when they slipped, Assistant Fire Chief Don Crowson said. They were not using "fall protection," he said.

    The workers fell from an upper roof to a lower section, police spokeswoman Tiara Ellis Richard said.

    Live TV coverage showed fire department crews on the roof of the nearly $1.2 billion stadium, where the Dallas Cowboys began playing this season. Crews used baskets, lines and ladders to lower the workers in a rescue that took about 90 minutes.

    Both workers were transported to hospitals. Crowson said one man was severely injured but he had no details.

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    Re:Two workers hurt in fall from Cowboys Stadium

    Why, when we get in a hurry, the first thing we sidestep are safety procedures? Ask any one armed farmer why he tried to clear that bailer while it was still running.

    Bad thing is they will probably sue the Cowboys because there are no lables warning of a "fall" hazard. Lawyers :silly:

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    Re:Two workers hurt in fall from Cowboys Stadium

    Watched some shipyard workers (working on a ships mast) get dumped out of a bucket while the ship was in drydock.

    Crane operator wasn't watching his handler as he lowered the workers over the top and down the other side. Bucket hooked something and he kept lowering.

    Course the workers didn't have thier harnesses hooked.

    Same issue, they were in a hurry to get the ship out of drydock because they were behind schedule.
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    Re:Two workers hurt in fall from Cowboys Stadium

    Hopefully they are ok and this safety issue can be fixed
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    Re:Two workers hurt in fall from Cowboys Stadium

    Just saw this on the news tonight here. Itís amazing they were up that high on this cold and windy day with no harness. Me thinks some supervisor will be looking for a new job tomorrow.

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