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    Re: Troy Williamson Cut

    Caine wrote:
    They just didn't give him enough chances...

    He didn't have a quality team around him...

    He wasn't put in a position to be successful...

    He wasn't allowed to use ALL of the routes...

    They didn't really develop him properly...


    I thought we'd cut Jackson.

    My bad.

    LOL You sound like them.

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    Re: Troy Williamson Cut

    He lit it up in preseason last year and caught everything and anything thrown his way only to get injured and miss the season (IIRC).

    Assuming he didnt do the same this year in preseason, i'm sure he will land somewhere, maybe Oakland, though they do already have their own "Troy Williamson". :laugh:

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    Re: Troy Williamson Cut

    Said it before, probably gonna say it again, our ability to scout and draft players was absolutely horrendous during that era.

    Thanks to the Wilf Ownership group, our scouting staff now seems to have a clue (probably mostly related to funding) on how to find talent, both on the collegiate and pro scouting levels.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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