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    Re: Troy Polamalu hair tackle

    He assumes that risk when he keeps his long hair...he could prop it up in a doorag like Moss....

    The hair is fair game...thats why girls dont play football in NFL.

    If Kevin Greene woulda got tackled by his hair he would not have been protected by the refs...the NFL these days is soft...I'm tired of seeing "running into the kicker" penalties when trying to block punts and field goals...i am tired of "in the grasp" q rules....the fact is that these players should all be treated the same ...


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    Re: Troy Polamalu hair tackle

    I think the call was bull...

    I won't hate on the long hair, tho. I think he looks like a bad@ss with it, quite honestly.

    BUT, he shouldn't get an extra 15 yards for getting his hair pulled. That is just rediculous.

    If you let it hang out from your helmet like that, it's gonna get pulled.

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    Re: Troy Polamalu hair tackle

    The penalty was for taunting after the tackle, not the actual tackle by the hair.
    The hair is considered part of the uniform and they all know they take their chances with the long hair.

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    Re: Troy Polamalu hair tackle

    "kramer9guy" wrote:
    I'm watching the Chiefs/Steelers game and just saw Troy Polamalu intercept a Damon Huard pass. As he was running it back for a TD, Chiefs RB Larry Johnson tackled Polamalu by his hair. The Chiefs were penalized for it (a 15 yd. unsportsmanlike conduct penalty).

    WTF? If an NFL player is going to have such freakishly long hair like Troy Polamalu, it should be fair game for grabbing onto and tackling with. And to tell the truth, I've been waiting for this to happen. If this is the official NFL policy on long-haired players, they really should install a dress code of some kind and not allow hair to be grown past the collar or something to that affect. It interferes with the play of the game. Ridiculous.

    Troy Polamalu...get a hair cut.

    [img width=400 height=520][/img]
    they didnt give him the penalty because he pulled him down by the hair they gave him 15 yards because once polamalu was down LJ pulled him up by his hair .

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