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    Trent Green Holds Press Conference To Announce Long String Of Vowels

    MIAMI—Just two days after he was knocked unconscious by a violent blow to the head and carried off the field on a stretcher, concussed and disoriented Dolphins quarterback Trent Green called a press conference Tuesday in order to address reporters with a series of sustained, low-pitched vowel sounds. "Oooooooooooo, eeeeeeooooooooo oooouuuuoooooo uuuueeeooo," moaned the 13-year veteran, addressing questions about his fitness after suffering a grade-three concussion when Texans defensive tackle Travis Johnson's knee collided with the side of his head as he attempted to cut-block the 315-pound player. "Aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaa a aieeeeee-aaaaaaa aaa ooo aaaauuuuuuuuuuu, ai ai ai… ai aaaaaaoooooo." While doctors said Green was far from ready to return to the playing field, drive a car, or dress himself, they did feel that in three to six weeks, he would have recovered sufficiently to retire from football under his own power.
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    Re: Trent Green Holds Press Conference To Announce Long String Of Vowels

    Trent Green needs to rub onions on his helmet

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    Re: Trent Green Holds Press Conference To Announce Long String Of Vowels

    The onion is cool.


    On a serious note.......

    Sure glad ole Trent didn't land here like some guys wanted.
    Our OL would've probably got him killed in Week 2.

    Were are all those Sniffers now?
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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