"gregair13" wrote:
the chargers trade also means that rivers is gone in the offseason. now they have an experinced backup at 3rd string that should be a 2nd string. i dont think they want aj is just hold a clipboard for the rest of his career, and i dont think aj would want that either.
they cant get rid of brees the way he is playing. he is doing a great job with this chargers team who i still dont believe is that good.
trading rivers for a draft pick where they can draft a good safety or anything to help their secondary would be helpful to the team. right now rivers has no value to the team as he is just sitting on the bench doing nothing.
IDK, I have been trying to figure this one out. I am finding it hard that they can get anything for Rivers. You have to be totally willing to eat all of the money you have to pay him and maybe get a crappy draft pick for him. Or even worse yet, they just let him go cause they don't want to pay crazy money???? The Charger are going to get held hostage on this one, the guy hasn't even had the arena to prove himself as trade bait.

Brees is the only trade bait in the offseason unless he gets hurt or finishes poorly.