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These cats are typically a "Flash in the pan" type of threat.

Gimme a group of cats who can block in front of a guy who can catch the ball and I am happy.

Who was that cat that was the "Next Best Thing"/"Second Coming" who everyone worried about for the Chiefs?......and........How long did people worry about him?

Our pan has been pretty flashless as of late.
Hopefully that problem left when the Rams got thier new LB coach.
Lets hope the new crew knows how to get a guy to the outside instead of up the middle all the time.
I think teams are gonna be forced to do this now that the wedge is illegal.
Hopefully it results in more exciting kick returns.
I don't know.
My guess is that the restriction on the use of the "Wedge" will bore things down a bit as the ST's coords try to figure out how to get positive returns after being forced back to "man up" types of attacks.


stick all the o-lineman out there with 2 returners and watch the owning begin
;D jk