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    Re: Top 10 players not in the Hall of Fame

    "Overlord" wrote:
    "i_bleed_purple" wrote:
    "Marrdro" wrote:
    "Zeus" wrote:
    "i_bleed_purple" wrote:
    [size=10pt]Top 10 players not in the Hall of Fame[/size]

    2 Vikings on this list
    There's a poll on the side.
    Guess who #1 is.
    Any list of players not in the HoF who deserve to be that does NOT include Mick Tinglehoff is just plain wrong.

    Excellent catch my friend.

    I also say the if Strahan goes in as a first ballot HOF'r and Doleman and Marshall don't get in, there is something flawed/wrong with the process.
    the thing is, I bet strahan will go in as a first ballot HOF'r.
    All time sack leader.
    thats all they need to see to give him votes.
    Doleman (eligible since 2005) is at least as deserving as Strahan.
    The total sack count isn't it, because Doleman had 150.5 for his 15 year career, while Strahan had 141.5.
    Doleman was an 8 time Pro Bowler and 2 time All-Pro.
    Strahan made 7 Pro-Bowls and had 4 All-Pro mentions.
    Yes, Strahan holds the single season mark of 22 1/2 sacks (including one stat padding gift from Favre), but Doleman did have a respectable 21 in 1989.
    Strahan has as good a case as any DE not in yet, but Doleman does too and they continue to make him wait.

    SuperVikesfan mentioned Randall McDaniel (eligible since 2007).
    That's another one that's just wrong.

    There are plenty of deserving players that aren't in.
    And other teams have been victimized besides the Vikes (the Broncos come to mind).
    Some of that is just the nature of a selective HOF, which allows only a limited number in each year.
    But in my opinion, there have been some questionable calls the past few years:

    2008 - Fred Dean and Emmitt Thomas are borderline guys
    2007 - I'm actually fine with all of these guys
    2006 - Troy Aikman was not a great QB and Harry Carson is a borderline HOFer
    2005 - No complaints about the players that got in, but only 4
    2004 - Again, no complaints except only 4 got in

    All that adds up to players sitting out that deserve to be there.
    In the end, I blame Sid Hartman
    If the Vikes can win a Super Bowl or two, watch some of those players that have been overlooked to get more serious consideration.
    Case in point...Andre Tippett.
    NO way he gets in without the Putzies having the run that they have had recently.

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    Re: Top 10 players not in the Hall of Fame

    cris carter gotta be #1, fo sho
    Its not braggin if you can do it!!!

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    Re: Top 10 players not in the Hall of Fame

    Still no one mentions [size=18pt]STEVE JORDAN!!![/size]

    No respect...

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    Re: Top 10 players not in the Hall of Fame

    [size=13pt]Two Vikings to Consider for Hall of Fame[/size]

    By John Holler

    Posted Aug 4, 2008

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Top 10 players not in the Hall of Fame

    Jim Marshall has to make it in before Randall McDaniel does.
    don't get me wrong, McDaniel is as deserving as anyone, but Marshall was almost god-like.
    Almost noone can play at a high level for 20 years without missing a single game.
    The NFL's true Iron Man
    (that punter from the giants doesn't count)
    From a position that gets hit and cut at the knees every play, that is much more remarkable than Brett "i'll fall down for Strahan" Favre.

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