gagarr wrote:
7. “Hall Of Fame QB’s In The Nation’s Capital: Week 12 – Minnesota Vikings @ Washington Redskins. Tough, gutsy, confident, prideful…Winners. They leave it all on the field. Favre vs. McNabb – does it get any better than this? Two of the most consummate professionals and persevering warriors we’ve ever seen take the gridiron will do whatever it takes to come out on top in this unique, one-of-a-kind match-up. Two ultimate competitors who never miss a down square off in what will be Must-See TV come late November.

How many of you consider McNabb a future HOFer at this point?

He hasn't won a Championship.
Been to the SB once.
Has one NFL record that I know of:
Least-intercepted quarterback per pass attempt, which he can still screw up as he gets older.

So how does this make him a HOFer at this point?

He's 33, so he has some years to get get in the top five of some records or a long shot at a SB, but I doubt he will.

He's a very good QB, but not a great one IMO.
I'd agree. I dont' see him going to the hall. Considering when you look at the guys that will be retiring around the same time, Manning, Brady, McNabb. All are up there in age, and DNabb will have a tough time sticking out in the crowd. Then there are other players who will be reaching eligibility soon, like Bledsoe, McNair, Trent Green, Brett Favre, etc. I just don't see him sticking out above any of those players

(Not saying all of them are HOF worthy QB's, but those are some of the better QB's in recent time who have retired or will retire soon, reaching eligibility in the next while)