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    Tomlin Proves He's No Softy

    [size=12pt]Tomlin Proves He's No Softy[/size]
    Posted Oct 10th 2007 7:03AM
    by JJ Cooper

    If you thought a 4-1 start would earn the Steelers some rewards from Mike Tomlin, you'd be crazy.

    Many teams use their bye week to rest up and give their players some free time. And usually teams that win on Sunday get Tuesday off. The Steelers used it to get in a nice full-pads practice.

    "It's different. But it's a new team. We don't do things the way Coach Cowher used to," Hines Ward said. "This is his team, and guys may not like it or agree with it, but ... there's nothing we can really say or do about it. We've just got to go out there and work. So far, so good."

    Tomlin's message seems to be that whatever the Steelers do it won't be enough if it doesn't include a lot of confetti and a big shiny ring. It's an approach that has a lot of impact from a first-year coach, although it might lead to an open rebellion if he's still trying it in his fifth year.

    "It's a good thing," Larry Foote said. "We're 4-1, aren't we? If we were 1-4, there'd be a question mark. But we're 4-1 so whatever he's selling, we're buying. We may be moaning, but we don't mean anything by it."

    But for now, it's really cool to see that Tomlin is going to make sure the Steelers hit their way out of any complacency.

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    Re: Tomlin Proves He's No Softy

    So maybe it was Tomlin's presence that Chilly got a cue from last year and overworked the team? Tomlin is gone and this year Childress lets up a bit and is more relaxed.
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    Re: Tomlin Proves He's No Softy

    Man...I love that kind of coach!

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    Re: Tomlin Proves He's No Softy

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    Man...I love that kind of coach!
    Me too.

    It shows that even though their playing well, he's not going to let them slack off and get comfortable, because you can always get better.
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    Re: Tomlin Proves He's No Softy

    Sure glad we let him go for the Chiller. ;D

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    Re: Tomlin Proves He's No Softy

    Yeah I wanted this guy to stick around like many other fans did I am sure. I hope it don't bite the vikes on the hinny later down the road.

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    Re: Tomlin Proves He's No Softy

    it is a shame we didnt keep tice one mroe year, than we could of fired his jiggy butt and got this amazing man on top for us
    We're bringing purple back.

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