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    TMQ's 7th Annual NFC Preview

    TMQ's 7th Annual NFC Preview

    By Gregg Easterbrook
    Special to Page 2

    Ten of the league's 32 head coaches are new, prompting reader Chris Sypolt of Seattle to propose that all people wearing an NFL headphone hold the title interim head coach. As in, "Interim head coach Gary Kubiak of the Houston Texans said today ..."

    Vikes spiel


    It's sink or swim for the Vikings staff in 2006. Minnesota has a new head coach who has never been a head coach, assisted by an offensive coordinator who has never been an offensive coordinator and a defensive coordinator who has never been an defensive coordinator. Disarray extends to other areas. Last season, the Vikings finally had a half-decent year on defense -- then promptly allowed four defensive starters to depart in free agency. The flame-out of Koren Robinson coupled to the nothingburger first season of highly drafted Troy Williamson leave the Vikes weak at wide receiver. Since management unloaded Randy Moss, the Minnesota offense has sputtered, finishing in the bottom third statistically last season. The running back situation isn't encouraging either.

    The Vikings got into the playoff picture in 2005 by taking seven of its last nine games, but only two victories came over teams that finished with a winning record. On the season, Minnesota went 2-5 against opponents with winning records, and one of those wins came in a meaningless regular-season finale contest against a Bears team that already had locked its seeding and was resting starters. Given Minnesota's novice coaches and roster holes, it's unrealistic to expect much more than a rebuilding season.

    Vikings fade-out note: In the past decade, Minnesota has winning records in September, October and November and a losing record in December. And this season the NFL plays five December games.

    Vikings front office note: Minnesota sets some sort of record by having three people with the title "owner" -- Owner/Chairman Zygmunt Wilf, Owner/President Mark Wilf and Owner/Vice Chairman Leonard Wilf.

    Vikings cheerleaders note: Minnesota's cheer squad might not rival Philadelphia or Washington for dance complexity, but certainly offers lots of northern beauties. Here are the Vikings cheerleader veterans in a pose that includes only slightly fewer women than TMQ's standard fantasy.

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    Re: TMQ's 7th Annual NFC Preview

    I really like that all the 'experts' aren't saying much good about us.
    Seems that when they praise us, we lay an egg.
    Maybe this is the fire we need to make some noise ON THE FIELD this year.
    ...Rodgers had to hold on the ball longer, giving players like Jared "I am completely insane and will literally eat your children" Allen time to sack Rodgers again.And again. And again. Actually I think Rodgers may have nightmares about Jared Allen the rest of the year.

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    Re: TMQ's 7th Annual NFC Preview

    "Prophet" wrote:
    TMQ's 7th Annual NFC Preview
    By Gregg Easterbrook
    Special to Page 2
    Easterbrook is a good writer who uses good statistical analysis when he writes his TMQ column.
    And I think he's spot on in his review of the Vikings at this point.


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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