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    A thought regarding Vikings LBs making Pro Bowl

    Often, when I'm looking at who is deserving of a Pro Bowl nod at LB, I'll look at how many tackles they have. You'd think this is normally a decent indicator, correct?

    Well, in the case of the Vikings this season, I think you also have to consider the number of rushing attempts made against the Vikings, and the Vikings general time of possession advantage.

    Our opponents only average 20.7 rushing attempts against per game against the Vikings, which is the fewest rushing attempts per game in the NFL. 2nd lowest in the NFC is Arizona, whose opponents run 24.0 times per game. Only four teams in the NFC are below 25.5 attempts per game. You can pretty much figure that is 5 fewer tackles that our LBs would have a shot at making, simply because teams don't try to run on us.

    When you consider total plays from scrimmage, the Vikings yield the third lowest figure in the NFL (and 2nd fewest in the NFC) with 647 plays. Considering the Vikings have 40 sacks in those 647 plays from scrimmage, the Vikings LBs (in general) probably have the fewest plays coming beyond the LOS to make tackles in of any team in the NFL.

    In time of possession, the Vikings D is on the field for only 26:39 minutes per game, 3rd lowest in the league (2nd lowest in the NFC).

    Now does all this mean that I think EJ Henderson is more deserving of a Pro Bowl nod than say, Patrick Willis? Of course not. But when you look at a Chad Greenway, who with 66 total tackles ranks only 19th in that stat among NFC LBs, I think you have to consider that he's had far fewer chances than a Barrett Ruud from Tampa.

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    Re:A thought regarding Vikings LBs making Pro Bowl

    I'm really liken your stuff of late my friend. Excellent post.

    EJ is right up there in alot of catagories for ILB, however, the number of MT's and that he is being taken out on passing situations lends me to believe he isn't right this year and no way he gets a nod over Willis IMHO.

    Profootballfocus EJ Stats

    Lets hope that he continues to play as well as he has and he comes back 100% effective next year.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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