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    Re: They make 'em stupid down in Texas

    Here I thought it would be a picture of the gum flapping nobody in Crayton and his twin brother with an ego the size of Mexico.. "Me" Owens.. when you have the likes of these are role models.. nothing in the realm of stupidity is unobtainable.

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    Re: They make 'em stupid down in Texas

    "tastywaves" wrote:
    "Prophet" wrote:
    "tastywaves" wrote:
    Cowboys fans are idiots, but I got news for you.
    They make'em stupid everywhere, its called alcohol.
    I'm sure you witnessed a bit of that yourself last weekend.
    I must be really stupid, because I think I'm really really smart when I'm drunk.
    I'm with you, its a very relative perception.
    I thought I was pretty damned smart when the bouncer threw me out the window onto 6th street awhile back.
    My wife didn't think I was so smart though, and the next morning I kind of agreed.

    We're all smarter and more handsome (and girls are prettier) when we're drunk. It's one of the privileges of being an American.
    Any man who afflicts the human race with ideas must be prepared to see them misunderstood. - H.L. Mencken

    Come from the land of the ice and snow...

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    Re: They make 'em stupid down in Texas

    Haha very nice

    I hate cowboys and Cowboys fans except for my girl

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