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    Teams roll dice when betting on tackles

    [size=13pt]Teams roll dice when betting on tackles [/size]

    By Jerry Magee

    April 20, 2008

    Through the history of an NFL draft that had its beginning in 1936, only twice have the procedures begun with the selection of an offensive tackle. There's a reason......

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    Re: Teams roll dice when betting on tackles

    Nice that Yary was mentioned.
    Then again, what position doesn't involve rolling the dice?
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    Re: Teams roll dice when betting on tackles

    Thanks for the read my friend.

    This is a year when offensive tackle is being viewed as the draft's strength, with potential starters to be available not just in the opening round but in later rounds.
    Value can be had in the latter rounds my friends that for sure.

    Kindof funny trhough how the draft seems to go in cycles.
    After watching Joe T last year for the Browns and the strenght of this draft class it appears there will be a big run on them early instead of the old mantra of bring a bunch of em in as undrafted FA and pick the best of that group.

    Gonna be a fun draft to watch if you like doing mocks or if you really watch what other teams do.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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