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What the heck are the Raiders paying so much for?
That's why I'd never want he first pick in the NFL draft.
i see your point but you can also get quite a player...
Were any of these players worth two, three, or four times the cash that someone drafted later in the first round would be making?
The risk is too great for such an unknown quantity.
I agree with you.. whole heartedly.. but to say these guys aren't good players or that taking them with the #1 pick is a mistake or whatever is not necessarily correct...
if they would be picking the right player each time they wouldnt be making these mistakes and they wouldnt have to have the 1st pick every year.
They just suck at drafting, they get all caught up in the hype.
The first round picks are over paid anyways. That is the problem. Sure the raiders fail at drafting, but its the fact that these rookies, those who have never played a snap in the nfl, are demanding of money that should be going to verterns. If money is for the purpose of who is worth the most, and if winning is everything, players like brady, big ben, peyton should all be the highest paid in the league.