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QB Tavaris Jackson
Jackson's presence was palpable. He showed command of the offense, and was very comfortable in and out of the huddle. His passing was just average. He was high quite a bit, and overthrowing two 6'4"+ receivers should not happen all that often. Some of it was surely rust, but it looked very much like throws he made in games when he played in Minnesota. Some fans will read this and start screaming about how it proves Jackson was a bad pick-up. Others will read it and scream that I'm not giving the guy a chance since it was only one practice. Neither is true. Jackson got through his first practice and looked very much like the quarterback I expected him to be. He'll be a good leader, an average thrower, and will get the team in the offense without a problem. That's why he is only signed for two years at $4M per season. If he starts to show he can be more than that, terrific. Until then, he's nothing more or less than how he performs on the field. And today, he looked like Tavaris Jackson (which by the way, is still better than Charlie Whitehurst).
Sucks to read the good stuff about Rice in there.... bastard :evil: I hope a truck doesn't hit you in the hip :evil:

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dave boling
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1st day for Hawk FAs: TJack best play, reading full blitz and finding 24.Rice nice sideline catch in 2min off. Mebane showing he's worth $.

Hawk Blogger
@DKSB17 Yes. TJack is better than Whitehurst.

Hawk Blogger
It was his first practice, and he looked like TJack. RT @drummerhawkboy8: I wouldnt say Tjack is Tjack hell its his first practice...

Hawk Blogger
Early indications are that tjack is still tjack. Better than charlie, not better than most. 1st practice or not
If you want to follow the guy his twitter is Hawkblogger. Check him out for Hawk updates all year if you want to see how our old boys are doin over there. Well, off to bed. Peace