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"Vikes" wrote:
Why do you need to register your guns? In AZ you are not required to register your fire arms. Do you need to register guns in Minnesota?
The irony of this whole thing is Tank has a home in AZ and that is were he bought the guns.

AZ doesn't require gun registration?


What's the murder rate in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe.... ?


I have a feeling that Da Bearrrsss support of Tank Johnson will be their ultimate undoing, as if it already hasn't started with all the other post- Super Bowl, offseason turmoil ( L Briggs, loss of TJones ).
Once Johnson gets out of jail, I doubt he will be allowed to move around in public without the police tailing him.
If he slips up just once, Da Bearrrsss will be down one roster spot...

i think the bengals were having trade talks with da bearsss ;D