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    Tagliabue goes out swinging

    Tagliabue goes out swinging
    Updated 8/22/2006 6:56 AM ET

    By Michael McCarthy, USA TODAY

    NEW YORK — As a teenage basketball player, NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue toughened up his elbows for rebounding by slamming them against the concrete wall of his basement in Jersey City.

    Tagliabue, who leaves after 16 seasons as commissioner, showed he can still throw a mean elbow Monday in his last interview before giving way to new Commissioner Roger Goodell at 6 a.m. ET on Sept. 1. (The switch will take place then instead of midnight, the normal transfer time, because there will be exhibition games being played on the West Coast and, as Tagliabue put it, "we don't want to change horses at midstream." )

    The 65-year old executive blasted NFL Network announcer Bryant Gumbel for "inexcusable" remarks on HBO's Real Sports program deriding NFL Players Association executive director Gene Upshaw as Tagliabue's leashed pet and league owners as greedy, rapacious billionaires...

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    Re: Tagliabue goes out swinging

    Gumbal is a tard.

    He is complaining about the NFL not having guaranteed money like the NBA and other sports.

    There is a reason the NFL is tearing up the competition network wise. I pray they never go to guaranteed money, and I would go as far to say that if they did then it would hurt the game at the PRO level.

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