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    Tackling an epidemic

    Where is CoMoJay? He was a good guy.

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    Not sure. Last time I saw him was when the Vikings played the Titan's in TN. I heard from him once since, but that was a few years back as well.

    I have his card, but not sure where it is.

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    I think that there are two elements that are significant contributors to the poor tackling we see very week:

    1: Explosive hits get put on Sportcenter - solid tackling doesn't. When you blast a guy with your shoulder and he coughs up the ball, or falls to the ground like a rag doll, you have another highlight reel moment. Solid tackling isn't about huge hits, it's about position and highlight reel.

    2: NFL players are strong and fast...that means that arm tackling HURTS. And while good positioning would prevent that, it doesn't change the fact that many players don't HAVE good positioning.

    Winfield almost always had great positioning (except when defending a pass), and his tackles were seldom huge hits.


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