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    T.O.: Expiring contract `not a problem'

    [size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt]T.O.: Expiring contract `not a problem' [/size] [/size] [/size] [/size] [/size] [/size] [/size] [/size] [/size] [/size] [/size] [/size]
    IRVING, Texas (AP) Terrell Owens is talking about his contract again. Only this time, there's a twist.

    T.O. is happy about it, even though he's going into the third and final year of his deal with the Dallas Cowboys.

    "Not a problem," Owens said Wednesday, the first day media was invited to organized team activities. "Honestly, I don't really feel like it's hanging over my head. I just don't really think about it. I haven't thought about it until somebody brought it up.
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    Re: T.O.: Expiring contract `not a problem'

    [size=13pt]T.O.'s new deal[/size]

    June 2, 2008 11:08 PM

    Posted by's Matt Mosley

    Terrell Owens seemed remarkably calm a couple of weeks ago when Cowboys owner Jerry Jones rewarded Terence Newman and Marion Barber with long-term extensions. Even though he was heading into the final year of his contract, T.O. felt like Jones would eventually take care of him.

    And late Monday afternoon, that's exactly what happened. Jones ignored his self-imposed rule about paying big money to aging players and gave the 34-year-old a four-year deal worth $34 million...
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    Re: T.O.: Expiring contract `not a problem'

    i napped to the press conference on NFLN today. TO is so full of it.
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