Raiders | T. Brown adds criticism to Walsh's offense
Thu, 28 Sep 2006 20:30:43 -0700

Jerry McDonald, of ANG Newspapers, reports former Oakland Raiders WR Tim Brown commented on the offense being run by Raiders offensive coordinator Tom Walsh. Brown said, "You just can't run that offense in the NFL anymore. They're calling timeouts, spending most of their timeouts before 10 minutes is up in the second quarter. They're getting delay penalties, getting to the line of scrimmage late, because those plays are 20 words long. I know that it was a horrible offense way back when. We just had to make plays and make things happen way back when. Being that the 40-second clock has come into play, and a lot of other rules have come into play since he was (last) in the league, I knew that would be a tough adjustment for him. Even zone blitzes and things of that nature. That makes that offense very tough. It was very one-dimensional, trying to audible was very difficult." WR Jerry Porter was critical of the team's offense during the offseason. Porter was quoted as saying, "I wanted [Detroit Lions offensive coordinator] Mike Martz as my coach and a real offense that's proven in today's NFL. Not something dusted off from a bed and breakfast in God knows where."