Giants | Barber discusses accomplishments, career
Mon, 29 Jan 2007 06:20:55 -0800

Michael Eisen, of Giants.com, reports New York Giants RB Tiki Barber, who has decided to retire this offseason, discussed his accomplishments and reflected on his 10-year NFL career. "The records are special, because they're a testament to my internal fortitude," Barber said. "They're a testament to my hard work and determination and the fact that, as I've always lived my life, I don't conform to other people's expectations except my own, and I go after them. So yeah, it's unique to be in the company that some people have put me in. I guess I should say I put myself in, but some people consider me in. And the fact that I've done it at this organization, which is largely considered the best in the National Football League and all the tradition that surrounds here – and I'm part of that now. It's long-lasting and something that will never leave my consciousness and hopefully will be appreciated for a long time." Barber holds several franchise records, including rushing yards, carries and total yards from scrimmage.