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    Super Bowl presentation

    I'm one of the few Canadians who prefers football to hockey but the one place I do prefer the NHL is the presentation of the Stanley Cup. It's presented to the captain who passes it to his teammates and coaches. Owners are generally down on the ice sharing in it as well but it's never about them. It's about the players.

    Every time I see the NFL get the Super Bowl first I want to puke. Wouldn't the owners players respect him a lot more if he stood in the back and watched his boys celebrate their accomplishment and pass the trophy to him? (Maybe that's happened already but I don't recall)

    I'm waiting for that great day when an owner stands in the back and takes it all in like that.


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    Nice idea and similar to the presentation with the FA Cup in England when that is presented to the winners. I think the NFL has come along a little as the presentations used to be made to teams in the player locker rooms IIRC.. think that changed after the WLAF and NFL Europe came along.

    A few owners such as Jerry Jones are all about the 'me me me' and guess that is why some owners like to be to the forefront of things.
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