"singersp" wrote:
"Marrdro" wrote:
As much as I hate Favreeeeee I love the game and all its history.

I think it would be a sad day indeed if the nation saw Vikings fans stoop that low as to boo the Pain Killer sucker if he breaks the record at the dome.

Well... now you jinxed us... good job.

I'm flagging this and it's coming back to you... call it a hunch.
As for that, I think alot of people have said he wouldn't do it this weekend.
I for one keep saying they are gonna get 5 field goals this weekend.
No TD's.


He'll get it this weekend on a pass thrown to Griffin's side.
I do think he'll get the TD record - he only needs 1 for goodness sakes.
But I think it'll be over the middle.