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    Steelers rise from the dead

    WTF happened with the Steelers this weekend?
    The chiefs gave up 23,9,0,20, and now 45 to the Steelers who racked up 28, 0, 20, and 13 pts in their first four games.
    Man, talk about a turn around.
    That will fuck up all the rankings.
    Roethlisberger tosses for a couple TDs and Parker rushes for >100 and a few more TDs.
    Even Crapmaster puts up 78 yds on the ground and a TD.
    Someone must have kicked them in the nads last week.

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    Re: Steelers rise from the dead

    Yeah, the Steelers did what they do best, and that's run the football.

    Roeshlisberger only had 19 pass attempts and their defense was on point.

    To be honest, I knew they would beat the Chiefs by a large margin, but I didn't think it would be that bad.

    The defending Superbowl Champions have got off to a bad start, but remember they lost to some good football teams. (Ravens, Chargers, Jaguars)

    Anytime the Steelers playing a team that can stop the run, their gonna struggle, but obviously the Chiefs can't do that.

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    Re: Steelers rise from the dead

    Come on they played a struggling Chief team.

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