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    Status of several 49ers veterans is uncertain

    [size=13pt]Status of several 49ers veterans is uncertain[/size]

    By Matthew Barrows - [email protected]

    Last Updated 12:25 am PST Saturday, January 26, 2008

    MOBILE, Ala. – Coach Mike Nolan has met with only one of his aging 49ers veterans so far, and it happened to be the one whose future with the team is not in doubt....

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    Re: Status of several 49ers veterans is uncertain

    They need to straight up rebuild

    And Shaun Hill needs to start over Alex Smith for now

    Shaun doesn't exactly light it up.. He manages the game well and moves the chains

    Alex Smith makes too many mistakes and was taken way too high..

    Run the ball with Gore too

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    Re: Status of several 49ers veterans is uncertain

    I expect this team will look a lot different in a few years. They already started making some changes with the addition (Good or Bad) of Mike Martz. Alex Smith is still a big ? mark for that team as well. I think his shoulder injury was worse than they originally thought.

    They have some Beasts on that team and they could climb back into contention in the NFC West soon. I don't see it happening by this season though. It's build a better beast time for the 49ers, starting with letting some of the walking wounded and aging guys go.

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    Re: Status of several 49ers veterans is uncertain

    Problem is they are into thier 3rd year of rebuilding.
    Poor selection of talent in the draft results in a bunch of you talented players that don't fit the scheme.

    Take a look at how many R(1), 2, and 3 year players they have on this team.

    I know several (well almost all of you) disagree with me on this but I believe it is more important that a player fits the scheme than if he is the best talent on the field.
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