"snowinapril" wrote:
"vikingstw" wrote:
This is a little off topic but i rember when i so wanted the vikings to draft Bob Sanders, instead we traded up in the second round when he was STILL available and we drafted dontarious thomas, (shakes his head) what a shame. Why can't we just draft some talent at safety instead of trying to get away with cheap ones. He could be teaming up with Sharper right now. I was watching him fly all over the field last night, he's a beast.
About Sanders, if we drafted him, we probably wouldn't have Sharper. Just a thought, no way to know for sure. Probably wouldn't have spent the money.

But anyways, back on track, I don't think they go 16-0. I have already heard reports that Dungy plans on resting players. Dungy and Manning both have said the record doesn't mean anything, winning the Super Bowl is what counts.
Good point man but Sharper may play for us for 2 or 3 more years, Bob Sanders could be our star safety for the next 10 years. It just peeves my hide when i sat at home watching the draft seeing these players that i've personally scouted from my living room pass on through the draft, only to see them two years later on there way to pro bowls.