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    Re: And so it begins with TO -- Parcells upset!

    People just need accept TO acting the way he acts, because he will never change unless he wants to.

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    Re: And so it begins with TO -- Parcells upset!

    Apparently Parcells is still upset about TO and has not commented about him being on the Cowboys and upset enough that he hasn't even commented on the Cowboys draft.

    Parcells silent on draft, T.O.
    May 3, 2006

    Associated Press

    ARLINGTON, Texas -- Bill Parcells was in a chatty mood Wednesday -- about baseball. Not about Terrell Owens or the Dallas Cowboys.

    "I'm coming out of my hole on Friday," Parcells said when asked about Owens and the team's draft last weekend.

    Parcells was on the field before the Texas Rangers played the Baltimore Orioles, who are managed by Sam Perlozzo, described by the Cowboys coach as "a very good friend of mine."

    Owens signed a $25 million, three-year contract with the Cowboys on March 18. Parcells was in Florida watching spring training games then, but still hasn't commented publicly about the signing of T.O.

    For the first time in his four drafts with the Cowboys, Parcells didn't talk to reporters last weekend.

    "I didn't have anything to say," he said Wednesday.

    The Cowboys have a rookie minicamp this weekend, and Parcells is scheduled to speak to the media Friday afternoon and again Sunday. The coach said he'd answer football questions then.

    A huge baseball fan, Parcells had seats in Rangers owner Tom Hicks' field-level box for the game against the Orioles.

    Before the game, Parcells visited the Orioles clubhouse and met with Perlozzo, who he has known for a long time through his friendship with Lou Piniella.

    Parcells spoke on the field during batting practice with Rangers manager Buck Showalter and was animated as he talked with several players. Hank Blalock, Brad Wilkerson and Mark DeRosa laughed as they listened to the Cowboys coach.

    While chatting briefly with reporters about baseball, Parcells said he attended about 25 games in March when he spent time at his home in Jupiter, Fla. That is the spring training home of the St. Louis Cardinals, managed by his friend Tony LaRussa
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: And so it begins with TO -- Parcells upset!

    DAH Cowboys,
    What did you expect!

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    Re: And so it begins with TO -- Parcells upset!

    Players missing voluntary workouts is nothing new. Its just that it is T-ho, so the media wants to stir the sh*t pot. Edge James never participated for the Colts' voluntary workouts here in Indy and there wasnt much said about it, by the local media or the Dolts fans. The main difference, James kept his mouth shut!
    ...Rodgers had to hold on the ball longer, giving players like Jared "I am completely insane and will literally eat your children" Allen time to sack Rodgers again.And again. And again. Actually I think Rodgers may have nightmares about Jared Allen the rest of the year.

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    Re: And so it begins with TO -- Parcells upset!

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    I'm not a fan of TO, but him missing voluntary camp is not an issue IMO.

    This cracks me up every year when teams cry about players missing VOLUNTARY camp.
    I agree. The media is making a big deal out of nothing. Is Terry Glenn there? Probably not. No big deal.

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    Re: And so it begins with TO -- Parcells upset!

    This is nothing. One thing we all know is TO stays in shape!

    The rigors of Spartan life. Leonidas is cast out into the wild, and survives the harsh winter to return to his home, when he is crowned King ....a Viking!


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