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    Re: Sleeper players in this years draft

    "davike" wrote:
    "Zeus" wrote:
    "davike" wrote:
    "Marrdro" wrote:
    Save your strength.
    I started one of these a few weeks back and it didn't get much play.

    Hit the search button you can probably find it unless it was given its final death blow.
    Yeah most of the average NFL fans only keeps tabs on first round projections and don't really care about the rest.
    And most of the intelligent NFL fans know that projecting the career of so-called "sleepers" is folly and an exercise in futility.

    I never said that I was trying to project someones NFL career,
    but if someone didn't try to analize what a player would do in the NFL then there would be no mock drafts and teams would just pick random players in the draft and there wouldn't be all these threads about higher ranking draft players. I wasn't dissing anyone who doesn't know every guy in the draft, I don't know much about the players, but the purpose of this thread to me was exactly what marrdro said to pick up some info from the ppl that do know. Personally I don't keep up on college ball much. What I meant about "average NFL fans" was the people that aren't one of the so called "experts" and are not paid to anilize the NFL.
    I don't think most posters here are interested in analizing anything...we would much prefer to analyze things...and leave that other word to the Packer fans!

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    Re: Sleeper players in this years draft

    trade for the very last 7th round pick of the draft..pick a big WR, and pray he turns into marques colston lol
    People who see life as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point.

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