"ThorSPL" wrote:
"V" wrote:
Yes he did stink in that preseason game, he was also very solid for the Broncos last year. Come on guys I love TJ and all, but comparing him to Cutler is just horrid right now. Cutler has at least proven he can manage games.
And TJ hasn't proven he can't...
Coming out of college Cutler was regarded as a QB who can come in and be a definite starter in the league. Jackson was regarded as a project who would need some development and may not even pan out. Nothing has changed really.

TJ undeniably has the talent to develop into a solid QB for us. All I'm saying is that Cutler has done MUCH more at this point in time. Right now, it looks like trading up to get Cutler may have been worth it. He has provided an instant solution for the Broncos' QB needs. It's not a slight on TJ in any way.

It's way too early to tell, but as a person who follows both QBs closely, Cutler is much better than TJ, its that simple. I'm not "glad we didn't get Cutler" because its clear we settled for the lesser player. I'm glad we got TJ because he is developing well and does have some talent.