Ranking best backfields in the NFL

General managers, coaches and fantasy footballers rank 1-2-3 (though not necessarily in that order) as talent evaluators for quarterbacks and running backs. And they need to be good at it because jobs and bragging rights are at stake when it comes to those positions.

In an effort to help all three groups with their evaluations, we've ranked the NFL's quarterback-running back pairings. Notably, two of the top nine QB-RB packages play in the NFC North (And here's a hint: Neither employs Brett Favre or plays indoors.)

Some notes on the measurements used:
16. Minnesota Vikings
Who: QBs Tavaris Jackson, Sage Rosenfels; RB Adrian Peterson

Add/subtract: Drafting WR Percy Harvin adds a threat to keep defenses from locking on Peterson. Losing vet C Matt Birk takes experience away from OL.

Questionable: Brett Favre? And how much better will they really be with him anyway? He's 2-6 against the Lovie Smith Bears and he struggles with 3-4's, which the Packers will be playing. If Matt Stafford has a Matt Ryan-type rookie year, Favre arguably rates no better than the fourth-best QB in the division.

The Thought: The Vikes are still the AP Show and will be until their quarterback -- any quarterback -- is more than just a bit player.