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    Re: Rips Culpepper

    "LAVike" wrote:
    "badbois" wrote:
    who the hell wrote this article and why the hell didn't anyone tell me we made the playoffs? I'm pretty sure I would have liked to watch that game.

    ". . . took over that same offense after Culpepper's injury and nearly led Minnesota to the playoffs."
    But the offense couldn't move the ball against quility opponents and they fell apart down the streach when it really counted.

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    Re: Rips Culpepper

    "BBQ Platypus" wrote:
    :roll: ukeright: My eyes are vomiting after reading that. Cliche after cliche, all unsupported by evidence. Believe me, he DEFINITELY wasn't wanted here. The fickle fans were calling for his head after 4 bad games. It took Harrington an entire season to build that kind of reputation. Any predictions on how his next season is going to go are pure, undiluted, 200-proof speculation at this point.

    Although I understand his reasons for leaving, Culpepper is just another team's starting QB now that he's gone. If the Vikes play the Dolphins, I'll be rooting for the Vikings and against every member of the Dolphins, including Daunte. I don't harbor a grudge.
    Best DAMN response to any Culpepper post on the PPO! Kudo's to you Platypus!

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    Lo do They call to me...They bid me take my Place among the Halls of VALHALLA where t

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