Besides playing in the NFL what other significant event do all thirty seven of these players have in common?

Lester Sims, Steve Baumgartner, Matt Blair, Bob Barber, Chris Bahr, Pete Cronin, Guy Benjamin, Jim Haslett, Tim Foley, Ricky Jackson, Reggie McElroy, Johnny Hector, Sean Jones, Scott Bergold, Pepper Johnson, Don Smith, Dante Jones, Billy Joe Tolliver, Mike Fox, Doug Thomas, Chuck Smith,
Todd Rucci, Allen Aldridge, Terrell Fletcher, Dedric Mathis, Greg Jones, Kailee Wong, Johnny Rutledge, Cosey Coleman, Paul Toviessi, Clinton Portis, Terry Pierce, Dwan Edwards, Nick Collins, Ryan Cook, Steve Smith, Malcolm Kelly

I for one, can't wait until the top half of the first round is done.
All the "Big Name" guys are gone and then real draft starts......