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    Shockey lives in cartoon world

    I didn't know you could do this.
    If you say something really stupid you can just blame it on your personality and you are no longer responsible for your actions.
    That's a good trick, I might try that sometime...and to think in the past I would just apologize.
    I learn something new every day.

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    Giants | Shockey blames competitive nature for his comments Sunday
    Mon, 25 Sep 2006 16:30:21 -0700

    New York Giants TE Jeremy Shockey met with head coach Tom Coughlin Monday, Sept. 25 to discuss his comments following the team's Week 3 loss. Shockey said the team was "outcoached" during the game. He took back all of his comments and blamed his outburst on his competitive nature.

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    Re: Shockey lives in cartoon world


    [size=15pt]Taking Shockey with a grain of salt[/size]

    (Sept. 26, 2006) -- As you know, my son, Christopher, got hurt this week playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I don't usually comment on him in this column, but I will say this: Christopher is doing fine. He's resting comfortably, and our entire family would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. I've received a ton of calls and e-mails, and they were greatly appreciated.

    Now, back to football ...

    Actually, I have a few thoughts on the situation with New York Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey, who made headlines off the field this week for his locker-room comments following the Giants' 42-30 loss in Seattle. For those who missed it, Shockey complained that the Giants, who trailed 35-0 at one point, were outplayed and out-coached. Of course, the media emphasis was on the latter part of that statement.

    In this day and age, there are always two games going on with NFL players -- especially, it seems, receivers. The first game is trying to win; the second game is trying to be part of it. Receivers, more than any other position on the field, get frustrated when they don't see the ball as much as they like -- or as much as they think they deserve it. It doesn't matter if you're a wide receiver, tight end or whatever. There is a set of options for all quarterbacks, and all pass catchers want to be the first option.

    I understand Shockey's frustration. He always wants to be an integral part of the Giants offense.

    I saw Shockey's comments in the local papers, and I did not go crazy over them. After games, especially losses, things can be said. Players just have to be more disciplined talking to the media. In some respects, talking to the media requires more discipline than executing properly on the field.

    Dealing with the media can be a double-edged sword. Say nothing and you're labeled as dull. Say something, you're in danger of being labeled as dumb. I understand the two sides of the coin, because I experienced both sides during my playing days.

    It seemed as if I managed to put my foot in my mouth about once every three years when I played. I guess you could call it the three-year itch. One time that sticks out was during training camp before the 1980 season. Ray Perkins was in his second year as the Giants head coach. A reporter asked me to comment on something Perkins had said, and my response was something like, "I don't care what Coach thinks."

    Of course, that was back-page headlines in New York the next day. My teammates had some fun with that -- they loved it because it took some attention away from them. But as I went down to practice the next morning, I had to walk right past Coach's office. Let's just say it was an uncomfortable conversation.

    There's really only one way to go about it, and that is to always be on guard. Every sentence -- sometimes every word -- is analyzed and picked apart. And words can be easily taken out of context.

    Case in point was this business last week about how Cincinnati quarterback Carson Palmer "hates" the Steelers. All he was really doing was comparing the Cincinnati-Pittsburgh rivalry to the USC-UCLA rivalry he experienced in college. And it was intensified because the Steelers had beaten the Bengals in the playoffs last season, injuring Palmer in the process, on their way to winning the Super Bowl. And somewhere in there he used the word "hate." I'm sure it was phrased much better by Palmer, but it became a much bigger story.

    And the reality is that it was harmless. We talked to the Pittsburgh players before our CBS broadcast last weekend, and they had fun with it. I'm sure some used it as motivation, but most had a tongue-in-cheek reaction, because they all understood the context.

    Back to Shockey: What does bother me about his comments is that you can't undermine the authority of the football team. The head coach is the most important person in the organization. If you chip away any bit of his authority and credibility, you're doing a disservice to all your teammates and to the team as a whole.

    Just about any player who stays in the league long enough and plays a key role with his team has stuck his foot in his mouth at some point. We think we've got all the answers. These coaches spend all their days, all their time, analyzing and grading and doing what's best for their team, and we think we've got all the answers.

    It's like politics, where it only takes a little information to produce a huge opinion.

    I don't say this with anger toward Shockey. And I'm not going to make the mistake that most people will, which is to use this incident to criticize Shockey as a player. Anyone who thinks Shockey is overrated is missing the boat. Shockey is a really good player who brings energy and life to a football team. It's just his energy can be a detriment if used improperly.

    "We’ll win our own Super Bowl, with our own players. Real Vikings. Something Brett Favre can never be."

    - Dan Calabrese

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    Re: Shockey lives in cartoon world

    MRI shows Jeremy Shockey has no broken bones, but one very sore vagina

    Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey was knocked out of New York’s game against the Redskins on Sunday with a foot injury and was unable to return, but an MRI on Tuesday showed no structural damage to his foot. Tests showed Shockey was not entirely without injury, however.

    “Jeremy was hopping around and whining like his whole foot had snapped in half,” said Dr. Ravi Amir, the Giants team physician. “I assumed it must have been based on how much he was complaining. But the MRI showed there was nothing wrong. At least nothing wrong with his foot, that is.”

    With the MRI results in hand, Amir called in a colleague of his – Dr. Sara Riser, a noted OBGYN – to speak to Shockey.

    “Dr. Amir introduced me to this lady he said could help with my vaginal pain,” said Shockey. “I told him that I don’t have a vagina, but he insisted that I must due to my pain threshold.”

    Amir said he hopes his motivational tactic gets Shockey back on the field this week.

    “I greatly respect women and female athletes – they’re just as tough, if not tougher, than many of the male athletes I’ve worked with,” he said. “But I had to tell Shockey to suck it up and stop being a wuss on his own wavelength. And calling him a woman was the best way to do that. Remember, this is the guy who called Bill Parcells a homo. He has the maturity of a 10-year-old.”

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