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    Shaun "Baby" Rogers suspended

    It seems that Shaun Rogers got caught using a weight loss product that is banned by the league. I guess that is why the Lions finally won a game this last weekend. It was reported on ESPN that he will miss 4 games due to the league's substance abuse policy. This isn't a huge deal considering he has had knee trouble this year but he does make in impact when he plays.
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    Re: Shaun "Baby" Rogers suspended

    Let me guess...they play THE BEARS next week...or the week after.

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    Re: Shaun "Baby" Rogers suspended

    HUGE loss for the Lions, Shaun Rogers is easily one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL.
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    Re: Shaun "Baby" Rogers suspended

    Big loss, but the Lions are the Lions and they will be circling the drain until some major changes happen.
    They may be heading down the right path soon....put they'll have to wait for old man Ford to die for them to truly turn the corner.
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