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"bigbadragz" wrote:
well i dont pay that much attention to the critics cuz they dont follow the team like we do, but i'[ve been saying for months now that this is a big year for childress.
not cuz he might get canned after this season, but anything is possible.
but becuz of little improvement is made, or we take another step back, he's almost dead in the water heading into his 3rd year.

the thing that you gotta love about him is that he totally believes he is gonna have success.
i believe it just from the few words he says and from the moves he's made.
the scary thing though is if he is just flatout wrong.
but thats a chance you take with any coach that has not proven himself at the top level.
but i'm believing more an more that childress has a grip on things and can't wait to make people eat their words, such as foxsports.com
Never underestimate the workings going on under a dome

whatta dork
You my friend, crack me up sometimes