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    Scouting Report: Greg Blue

    [size=13pt]Scouting Report: Greg Blue[/size]

    by Tom Kowalski

    Saturday July 05, 2008, 12:05 AM


    2008 Scouting Report

    Greg Blue was signed on Nov. 19 last season after he had been out of football for most of the year (he had been cut in camp by the Vikings).....

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    Re: Scouting Report: Greg Blue

    I hope he catches on somewhere. He was a favorite of mine.

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    Re: Scouting Report: Greg Blue

    His biggest issue is obviously coverage.
    He doesn't fit in a Cover 2 based Defense.
    He is more of your traditional SS that can cover short/medium zones and knock the shit of you.

    I was hoping he would catch on with a team that employs that kind of Defense, but hopefully he can land a roster spot with someone to keep him in the league.
    I always liked him, and he is just as good as RWilliams of Dallas.
    How Roy made the probowl is beyond me.

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    Re: Scouting Report: Greg Blue

    Stil not sure what everyone liked about this kid to make a big deal out of him.
    Sure he could hit (love to see that kindof thing) but as Sean says, his coverage skills weren't quite up to the scheme.

    None-the-less, hope he lands someplace.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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