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    Schottenheimer won't return

    [size=13pt]Schottenheimer won't return[/size]

    Jan 14, 2008 3:00 AM (1 day ago)
    by Matt Palmer, The Examiner

    BALTIMORE (Map, News) - His agent says, “yes,” but Marty Schottenheimer says, “no.” At least for now. Schottenheimer, the former Cleveland Browns and San Diego Chargers coach, told the Miami Herald Saturday he is unlikely to return to the return to the NFL.

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    Re: Schottenheimer won't return

    I'd like to see "Marty Ball" return to the old Browns organization, he would be a good fit to rebuild the Ravens, maybe Ernest Byner can come out of retirement too. :-

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    Re: Schottenheimer won't return

    If Childress has another bad year, then Marty will return cause he's dying to play Marty ball with the brighest up and coming star in the league
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    Re: Schottenheimer won't return

    Marty will be back...just waiting for the right opportunity. You know he's just dying for the chance to get to the Big Show.
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