All I could think of was smeagol.
Is that what he's doing now?
I'm not surprised he's having problems with pass coverage.

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Jets | Mangini discusses Schlegel's problems in pass coverage
Thu, 24 Aug 2006 01:58:08 -0700

During his press conference, New York Jets head coach Eric Mangini discussed LB Anthony Schlegel's problems in pass coverage. "Its one of those things where sometimes you call a play and you're hoping it will be one match up and they call a formation and it becomes another match up. You have to be able to handle those match ups when they come up. There were times when other guys with 'stiff hips' have covered and played with better technique then Anthony did on that wheel route. The important thing is for him to look at that and understand where he made the mistake, which is something that we covered, so the next time if it does happen just really play to his strengths and understand how he has to play that more specifically and that will help him."