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Thread: San Fran=Decent

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    San Fran=Decent

    I watched what I could of the San Fran vs. Arizona game, and Alex Smith is actually starting to look like a decent NFL QB. Frank Gore look decent also. Granted they did loose, but they had a TERRBILE 1st quarter and I think they can be a pretty decent team. Hopefully not against the Vikes though!

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    Re: San Fran=Decent

    they still lost

    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: San Fran=Decent

    They played the Cards.

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    Re: San Fran=Decent

    Gore looks like a decent running back, but none of the 49ers receivers can hold onto the ball. There were so many dropped passes it wasn't even funny. And I fear for that Cardinals O-Line in the coming weeks.. Kurt Warner is going to take a lot of hits this year.

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    Re: San Fran=Decent

    Isn't Loney with the Cards? Hopefully he doesn't ruin their season like he did ours. I wished my nickname was deathtoloney or deathtoredforpromotingthatmorontooffensivecoordina tor.

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    Re: San Fran=Decent

    Alex Smith played a great game.

    So did my buddy Dyson for the Jets. Revenge is sweet 2 interceptions against the team that let him go. I bet he was sleeping good last night.

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