"Prophet" wrote:
"V4L" wrote:
Can't wait til Daunte get's his roll on..

Everyone here saying he sucks and all that is smoking a F!!ck load of crack and should hook me up cuz I would also like to be out of touch with this world!

He is one of the most accurate passer in NFL history according to completion percentage.. You can't tag that to Randy mostly either..

He also has the highest? If not one of the highest QB ratings in NFL history..

Sure he throws his fair share of picks and fumbles.. But he also moves the chains and gives your team a chance to win with his legs and also by taking shots..

Seriously though.. U can't argue with that.. He produces and im sad he is gone.. But i've moved on and i'm looking forward to Brad's 100 yards a game and a TD..

One Love
Many people do not like Culpepper for the reasons stated 100s of times regarding his departure.
There really isn't an argument whether he is athletic or whether he can put up numbers in some statistical categories. One thing I can say for sure, if he were to retire today the only way he would get into Canton is by buying a ticket just like the rest of us.
That could change.
We shall see.
You are exactly right Prophet.
Stats are there yardage wise.
Not smart wise